Voljenog Sandbeard

Dwarf Fighter employed by the Lionshields


Born and raised in Mirabar, Voljenog Sandbeard never quite fit in. The Sandbeards were masons by trade, but Voljenog never got the hang of it. He always wished he could go down in the mines and find his own gemstones, rather than work for the family. Even better would be to get the gemstones without the heavy labor.

One day, Voljenog was in the markets and he noticed a local trying to swindle a foreign merchant, Bashi Lionshield, over the price of some gemstones. After getting violent with the local, Voljenog was exiled from Mirabar, but Bashi Lionshield invited him to join his family’s merchant business as a caravan guard.

Bashi and Voljenog spent a number of years travelling up and down the Long Road. Bashi taught Voljenog to fight, to negotiate, and to keep discreet merchandise discreet. They played dragonchess by the light of the campfire almost every night.

The Lionshields are expanding their operations to the High Road and recently sent Linene Graywind to set up a Coster in the frontier town Phandalin. Early reports from her mention trouble with ruffians and a big find in the Sword mountains, so the Lionshields had sent Voljenog on his first solo mission to help Linene, establish safer trade routes in the area, and bring back anything interesting and valuable.

Voljenog Sandbeard

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