Clem's D&D Encounters

Mines of Madness Week 1

The Mines are home to a whispered-of artifact known as “The Forever Stone”. The party has traveled from Baldur’s Gate to the Mines seeking the Stone. In an outhouse outside the entrance to the Mines, the party encountered a Purple Worm.

Once the worm was vanquished, the party discovered a magical trap on the entrance which was disarmed by speaking the Dwarvish word “Pax,” meaning “Great”. Past the entrance, the party encountered a group of cockatrices, and saved a goblin adventurer named Hug Hug.

The party chose to rest before venturing further into the Mines, though their dreams were troubled and they woke up still exhausted. Party did not regenerate hit dice but received other benefits of long rest

Mines of Madness Week 2

The group woke up from their restless sleep to find Felin Du had caught up to them. They went down a mineshaft where Felin Du was incapacitated by spores from a Yellow Mold. A potion made him get better though. Then they left the cockatrice room by another exit, and discovered a mimic disguising itself as a secret door. The mimic was awakened when Kronk threw a minecart at it, and the party made short work of the shapeshifter.

The party tried their luck with another mineshaft and discovered two rust monsters hiding at the bottom. Tharivol Silverclaw fought off the rust monsters while being raised up the mineshaft on a rope. The party crossed a chasm where a spirit attempted to trick them into jumping to their deaths, but the party ignored the pleas for help and continued on their way.

They got to a door carved with a dwarf’s face with an open mouth. The words “One good turn deserves another” were carved on the door. The party had a game of nose goes to see who opened the door. Hug Hug got tired of everybody sitting around doing nothing and grabbed the doorknob. Felin Du, Tharivol Silverclaw, Hug Hug, and Heian were immediately turned to piles of electrum coins. Kronk collected the coins and returned to the entrance of the mines, where the piles became his friends again.

Party again took a long rest, but did not regenerate any hit dice used.

Mines of Madness Week 3

The group discovered that it was safe to go through the mouth of the door that had previously turned them into electrum. Then they recovered a +1 warhammer from a case that had “In Case of Berserk Golem Break Glass” engraved on it.

On the way out of the room with the hammer, Tharivol Silverclaw tried to climb back out through the mouth and was transformed into a gelatinous elf-like being. The rest of the group took their chances with the doorknob and came through safely.

The group then encountered a gargoyle, a spear trap, and a secret door. Marty, the Bard, managed to get the command word for the door and the party was able to move on.

In the next chamber, there was an altar. Voices from an obsidian mirror told the party that “One must die for the others to advance.”

Marty chose to sacrifice himself for his party, and the obsidian mirror moved out of the way.

Mines of Madness Week 4

Past the obsidian mirror that was moved by the bard’s sacrifice, the party encountered an iron golem busy at work pulverizing red stone. Tharivol Silverclaw convinced the golem to help the party move a large boulder in order to enter the next chamber of the mines.

Past the boulder was a high ceilinged chamber filled with bat guano. The party was attacked by a giant bat and 12 cave crickets. Felin Du was knocked unconscious by a gang of crickets, but Tharivol Silverclaw’s work with a lotion of healing got him up again.

The party made it past a group of creatures disguised as stalactites before making it to a locked door covered in plates carved with dwarven runes. Once Tharivol Silverclaw had translated the runes, Felin Du managed to work out that the answer was to press the letters u-n-l-o-c-k in order to open the door.

Through the door, the party met a crypt thing that was once the mage Abracadamus. The mage requested a sacrifice as a sign of humility and Hug Hug appeared to be disintegrated. Then the mage attempted to tempt the party with treasures before posing a riddle. When Felin Du turned the riddle back on Abracadamus, he allowed the party through to the chamber where the Forever Stone was kept. Tharivol Silverclaw retrieved the Forever Stone from a font of Marty the bard’s blood.

The party returned to Baldur’s Gate after completing what they considered to be their last adventure before a nice retirement to politics.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard Launch Event

The party was a part of a caravan bringing supplies from Luskan to Ten Towns in Icewind Dale. On their way to Bryn Shander in Ten Towns, the caravan was attacked by a large cat. The cat managed to damage one wagon in the caravan enough that it could not go on at that time. The party remained behind and helped the driver of the wagon to right and repair his wagon.

Once the wagon was righted and repaired, the party continued into Bryn Shander.

As the wagons from the caravan entered the gates of Bryn Shander, they were beset by yetis. As each yeti fell, it felt like two took its place. Eventually the yetis were repelled, and the party helped the town to recover from the sudden attack.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard Week 1

After dealing with the yeti problem in Bryn Shander, there were several events in the town that the party could look into.

The first issue dealt with was to speak with Hengar Aesenvaard of the Tribe of the Elk, a Reghed barbarian who had been sentenced to die by exposure for an alleged theft. Hengar vehemently denied taking part in any theft. He stated that he had been sent to Ten Towns to seek help for his tribe who have been besieged by a mysterious woman they refer to as the “Ice Witch.”

The party spoke with the Speaker of Bryn Shander, and arranged for Hengar’s sentence to be commuted to banishment. They also agreed to accompany him to meet with his tribe and see what help they might be able to give.

The party also learned that Hengar’s tribe was just past Kelvin’s Cairn, where Helda Silverstream is taking her caravan. They plan to ride with the caravan at least as far as Kelvin’s Cairn before going to the Elk Tribe’s camp.

Before leaving town with Hengar and the caravan, the party wished to track down Slim, the supposed protector of the apothecary who never showed up during the yeti attack.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard Week 2

The party decided to investigate what happened with “Slim”, a mercenary who had skipped out on his duties watching over an apothecary during the yeti attack. Rumors on the street led the group to the Northlook, Bryn Shander’s least reputable inn. The Kender Ranger decided to attempt to steal from the tavern, and was stabbed in the back by the inn’s security. He slept through the rest of the encounter.

Minzle Sageshade and Randal went upstairs to Slim’s room where they found the corpse of a Harper. At that very moment, Slim and his thugs surrounded and ambushed the party.

Slim turned out to be a Wererat and ran away.

On the body of the Harper the group found enough money to pay for the repairs to the apothecary, as well as pad their own pockets. They also found a note allegedly from a priest in town, asking the Harper to come to town.

Speaking to the priest about what they found, they discovered that the note had been forged, likely to draw the Harper to town. The Harper had discovered that there may be Wererats in town and had been gathering silver weapons.

The group must decide whether to accompany the Elk Tribe Barbarian or the Caravan, or whether to follow up on the lead of the Silver Weapons stash.

Nisha's Log: Day 1
Rough Beginnings

I was hoping my first encounter with my team would at least be more satisfying: a joyous time where we learn to cooperate and take on the challenges we will face together as a cohesive unit…unfortunately for some teams, the only time I would EVER have things go more smoothly is in a fair and just world that is far beyond my reach.

I mean hell, we all survived the battle in one piece and have a trail for whoever…I could literally care less. However what concerns me more is the pride of my team. Right now, they couldn’t fight a battle cohesively to save their lives, and they almost got themselves killed today for using their own strengths against a clearly superior enemy.

My only question is…WHY ME? What I am going to do if I have to explain to our employer “Oh, I’m sorry! My team decided to follow their own lead and got themselves killed!” What kind of captain would that make me?

Well regardless, I am here to protect and lead them, and I can only hope there is room for improvement for all of them. There has to be something that explains why they are still alive now, even with their unorganized tactics, lets just hope I can make something of them all together.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard Week 3

The group rode with the caravan as far as Kelvin’s Cairn. Along the way they were attacked by Brown Bears. After splitting with the caravan, there was another 2 day trek to the Elk Tribe’s camp.

Meeting with Hengar’s people, the group found out that several members of the tribe had been kidnapped by the Bear Tribe and taken to Evermelt, a hot springs that is next to the lair of Icingdeath, a dragon who has been dead for around a hundred years. The Bear Tribe plans to sacrifice members of the Elk Tribe to the Frostmaiden to ensure their safety through the winter.

The group found the Bear Tribe’s camp at Evermelt and recovered some belongings from the missing members of the Elk Tribe.

Ken Connor built a raft out of the huts that had been constructed at the site, and the group navigated over the springs and into a cavern. It seems like the Bear Tribe is not far ahead.

Nisha's Log: Day 2

Day two has passed and my patience is drying up with my crew. I would call them comrades, but their reckless actions and disrespect makes them unworthy of such a nobel title. All they do is cause me frustration and disrespect: its as if they are throwing themselves on death’s scythe and demanding me to save them a good portion of the time.
I guess this reminds me of the difference between street soldiers and actually army trained recruits. Within the army, I have been highly loved and respected for protecting vast armies from death on the battlefield and that hard work and determination has brought me to the rank of captain so I can finally confront my arch enemy. Compared to that, I can’t even order my team to move out of harms way, let alone tactically outmanuver our enemies.
Regardless, I hope this is the last job where I have to deal with fools like them. Especially since their arrogance tells me that they don’t realize what I am…nor worse…how deadly even a half balor’s rage is all together.


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