Clem's D&D Encounters

Scourge of the Sword Coast Week Two

The group finally got to see the inside of Daggerford.

Curran Corvalin, a devout follower of the goddess Tymora, decided to show them around town. The duke of Daggerford had unfortunately had a very important treasure go missing, called the Delimbyr Bloke. Jekk Ironfist, a dwarf visiting Daggerford showed the group a copy he had had commissioned just before it went missing and shared his thoughts that the item was a dwarven religious icon.

The Dwarf’s copy was made by Alven Gissen, a mason working on the Morninglow Tower. When the group visited Gissen’s room in town they discovered him nowhere to be found, but were able to learn that he had been meeting with a courtesan.

The group questioned the courtesan, and discovered she had information she was holding back. In an attempt to learn more, they tried to intimidate her. This turned out poorly for the group, as she was a succubus in disguise. She dropped her disguise, kissed a party member, and ran out the doors yelling “We are found, I must find Baazka!”

Nisha's Log: Continuing day

I had the chance to leave them during the night: slip out while they were sleeping, and they would never see me again. But I didn’t take it. While the group drew me over the edge…and still does so sometimes, I could not turn my back on my oath to warriors responsibility. No matter how many arrows I take (like today), no matter how furious I get with my party, and no matter how many times I get criticized and disrespected for my brutal tactics and my half balor heritage…I can’t turn my back on the evolving times, nor Desna’s plan to finally have me encounter and subdue Indranna. I may be able to remove my uniform easily, but I cannot remove my honor as a Widowmaker captain. Anyway, even with the fuming that came from last night, I was thankfully treated a little more respectfully today. I did take quite a few arrows while battling goblins, but at least I was adequately healed and didn’t die. It made it realize my party isn’t so bad after all…except Ken really needs to shut up. His jokes about my heritage and my warriors path are getting old fast. Oh well…the cocky fuck likes to show off, and showing off usually leads to an early grave.

Nisha's Log: Final day

They have finally did it, they have finally drew the line. The one who has been taking spears, blades, bludgeons, and every form for physical pain for my crew. I bleed for my crew and I get labeled as a sociopath or psychopath because of my actions to my disrespectful enemies.
I could handle disrespect from them, but my own crew? They haven’t learned I am responsible for defending them and getting them where they are now. Now I am labeled a sociopath for spearing an uncooperative captive, leaving a warning for those who decided to stand against us, even just for my presence on the battlefield. NOT ANYMORE! WHEN DUSK ARRIVES, I WILL BE NOTHING MORE THAN A MEMORY TO THOSE UNGREATFULLY UNDISCIPLINED NEANDERTHALS!

Nisha's Log: Day 4

My whole adventure through these snow lands keep getting more interesting. First the wererats, then the elk and bear tribes in confict, now dwarves fighting dwarves over some black ice. Its as Caladrel has informed me: the new rise of a false god will cause massive shifts in power and shifts of territory for many people. However this is just strange…how can one elemental who thinks hes a god cause all this chaos from an empty dimmension?
Whatever the cause, I think Desna has finally blessed me with the prize which started this adventure…Indranna. Word tells of some ice wizard or something like so who is causing the dwarves a civil war, and dwarf like zombies to emerge. That is all too predictable of her and I am hoping Caladrel’s findings are right. If so, I can finally put an end to my most loathed enemy. However, I must act fast…knowing her…taking my time is not an option…unless I want to find the remains of an ice wizard looking like she was mauled by a wild animal. I just need to end her quickly…soldier’s responsibility is more powerful than any order and resistance that can occur during this trial.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard Week 4

The group came to an abrupt stop at the bottom of a waterfall in an icy cavern. There they found the missing members of the Elk Tribe half-naked, hypothermic, and tied to stalagmites.

Standing over the people of the Elk Tribe was a shaman of the Bear Tribe who attacked as soon as the party arrived. The shaman and his warriors were quickly dispatched, and the group sent the members of the Elk Tribe home.

In the very next room, the party found the Elk Tribe warrior Soren pleading with a pale woman. He referred to her as daughter. When the woman noticed the party, she flew into a rage and reanimated the skeleton of the white dragon, Icingdeath. The Ice Witch shot an icy spear through the chest of Ken Connor but was soon subdued by the group. When she was subdued, the woman crumpled into a pile of snow and the skeleton collapsed.

A voice was heard over the wind, the woman still lives and is regathering her power.

The group then chose to return to the caravan they had defended.

Nisha's Log: Day 2

Day two has passed and my patience is drying up with my crew. I would call them comrades, but their reckless actions and disrespect makes them unworthy of such a nobel title. All they do is cause me frustration and disrespect: its as if they are throwing themselves on death’s scythe and demanding me to save them a good portion of the time.
I guess this reminds me of the difference between street soldiers and actually army trained recruits. Within the army, I have been highly loved and respected for protecting vast armies from death on the battlefield and that hard work and determination has brought me to the rank of captain so I can finally confront my arch enemy. Compared to that, I can’t even order my team to move out of harms way, let alone tactically outmanuver our enemies.
Regardless, I hope this is the last job where I have to deal with fools like them. Especially since their arrogance tells me that they don’t realize what I am…nor worse…how deadly even a half balor’s rage is all together.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard Week 3

The group rode with the caravan as far as Kelvin’s Cairn. Along the way they were attacked by Brown Bears. After splitting with the caravan, there was another 2 day trek to the Elk Tribe’s camp.

Meeting with Hengar’s people, the group found out that several members of the tribe had been kidnapped by the Bear Tribe and taken to Evermelt, a hot springs that is next to the lair of Icingdeath, a dragon who has been dead for around a hundred years. The Bear Tribe plans to sacrifice members of the Elk Tribe to the Frostmaiden to ensure their safety through the winter.

The group found the Bear Tribe’s camp at Evermelt and recovered some belongings from the missing members of the Elk Tribe.

Ken Connor built a raft out of the huts that had been constructed at the site, and the group navigated over the springs and into a cavern. It seems like the Bear Tribe is not far ahead.

Nisha's Log: Day 1
Rough Beginnings

I was hoping my first encounter with my team would at least be more satisfying: a joyous time where we learn to cooperate and take on the challenges we will face together as a cohesive unit…unfortunately for some teams, the only time I would EVER have things go more smoothly is in a fair and just world that is far beyond my reach.

I mean hell, we all survived the battle in one piece and have a trail for whoever…I could literally care less. However what concerns me more is the pride of my team. Right now, they couldn’t fight a battle cohesively to save their lives, and they almost got themselves killed today for using their own strengths against a clearly superior enemy.

My only question is…WHY ME? What I am going to do if I have to explain to our employer “Oh, I’m sorry! My team decided to follow their own lead and got themselves killed!” What kind of captain would that make me?

Well regardless, I am here to protect and lead them, and I can only hope there is room for improvement for all of them. There has to be something that explains why they are still alive now, even with their unorganized tactics, lets just hope I can make something of them all together.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard Week 2

The party decided to investigate what happened with “Slim”, a mercenary who had skipped out on his duties watching over an apothecary during the yeti attack. Rumors on the street led the group to the Northlook, Bryn Shander’s least reputable inn. The Kender Ranger decided to attempt to steal from the tavern, and was stabbed in the back by the inn’s security. He slept through the rest of the encounter.

Minzle Sageshade and Randal went upstairs to Slim’s room where they found the corpse of a Harper. At that very moment, Slim and his thugs surrounded and ambushed the party.

Slim turned out to be a Wererat and ran away.

On the body of the Harper the group found enough money to pay for the repairs to the apothecary, as well as pad their own pockets. They also found a note allegedly from a priest in town, asking the Harper to come to town.

Speaking to the priest about what they found, they discovered that the note had been forged, likely to draw the Harper to town. The Harper had discovered that there may be Wererats in town and had been gathering silver weapons.

The group must decide whether to accompany the Elk Tribe Barbarian or the Caravan, or whether to follow up on the lead of the Silver Weapons stash.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard Week 1

After dealing with the yeti problem in Bryn Shander, there were several events in the town that the party could look into.

The first issue dealt with was to speak with Hengar Aesenvaard of the Tribe of the Elk, a Reghed barbarian who had been sentenced to die by exposure for an alleged theft. Hengar vehemently denied taking part in any theft. He stated that he had been sent to Ten Towns to seek help for his tribe who have been besieged by a mysterious woman they refer to as the “Ice Witch.”

The party spoke with the Speaker of Bryn Shander, and arranged for Hengar’s sentence to be commuted to banishment. They also agreed to accompany him to meet with his tribe and see what help they might be able to give.

The party also learned that Hengar’s tribe was just past Kelvin’s Cairn, where Helda Silverstream is taking her caravan. They plan to ride with the caravan at least as far as Kelvin’s Cairn before going to the Elk Tribe’s camp.

Before leaving town with Hengar and the caravan, the party wished to track down Slim, the supposed protector of the apothecary who never showed up during the yeti attack.


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