Clem's D&D Encounters

The Temples of Suffering, Pain, and Poison

Threskel's Dispatch - Week 9

The two squads regrouped after returning from the Seclusion Crypt. We entered the Temple of Suffering. Stripes of blood red, swirling mists coiled through the air. Upon entry, we confronted Mennek. He screamed vengeance against us, though he deserted us! Flanking Mennek were two Thayan apprentices, a dread warrior, and four wights armed with longbows. Glancing forward, I noted Mennek appeared glaze-eyed and not acting of his own volition, forced to fight us. Before we counter, Mennek and the others rush to attack.

Our party rushed to attack. Quinley quickly stabbed Blackrazor into the Dread Warrior’s leg pinning it to the ground and then twisted its helm backwards to block his vision. “Now you don’t see so well, eh?” The warrior, counterattacking, swung and missed.

Two of the wights nocked arrows, fired, and narrowly missed their targets. The final wight dropped its bow and opted to bear hug Aldrik, chilling his blood with necrotic energy. He yelled, “Ach! Get off me, you damned bag of bones!” In response, Zawadi called upon Bahamaut – casting a Beacon of Hope over our group.

The two apprentices directed spell attacks at Zawadi and Aldrik, launching and hitting both with Melf’s Acid Arrows. Artrious, singing psalms celebrating the duty of Helm, swung his flame tongue sword visciously, smiting and destroying two different wights at once. Meanwhile, I, taking advantage of their distraction, somersaulted between two apprentices, rose, and skewered both through their throats. “I’ll have no more from you two!,” I shouted.

Mennek directed a bluish pulse of energy at Quinley, weakening him. He, however quickly shook off the stupor, after feebly attacking the Dread Warrior. Sloth punches Mennek and the Dread Warrior. Mennek was knocked unconscious.

Quinley next takes subsequent hits from one of the wights and the Dread Warrior, sneering at both. Artrious swiftly attacks both wights. I slipped behind both undead piercing them both through their skulls, thereby ending their undeath. Sloth punched the head off the Dread Warrior.

Chained to the altar was Kieran, a Chosen of Ilmater, whom we freed. Zawadi quickly shackles the unconscious Mennek and then casts Spare the Dying on him. We have decided Mennek shall face justice, after betraying us to Bazaaka and abandoning our mission. We recover from his pockets a Wand of Binding, skeleton key, and glyph key. We send the Chosen back to the Gatehouse with the chained Mennek.

Our group proceeded through the door into the next chamber, where were met by a strong feeling of unease and discomfort. Within the chamber, a death lock wight, a wraith and four shadows rushed our party. Standing imprisoned was a half-elf Chosen of the Lady of Pain, Loviatar, on the altar.

Quinley speedily dispatched the wight with a slash of Blackrazor. He then hammered the wraith with multiple attacks before it dissipated. Zawadi directed his lightening breath weapon at the shadows, wounding two at once. Magus, losing his patience, dropped a fireball on the four shadows and, unintentionally, the Chosen. All five were quickly burned to ash. Undoubtedly, we shall face the wrath of Loviatar and her minions for failing to save her Chosen.

Moving to the next chamber, we enter a room whose very air causes our eyes to burn and our throats to cough. Looking around we note a circle of runes and onyx fragments, which swirl with shadow energy and smoke – another black sigil. A Red Wizard and two apprentices are at work within the room. A yuan-ti Chosen of Zehir kneels, imprisoned on a shrine at the room’s center. As we enter, A pile of plate mail armor arises between us and the Thayans. It floats off the ground, displaying red glowing pinpoint within its visor and lunges toward us.

Acting with supernatural speed, Magus quickly casts Evard’s Black Tentacles. The tentacles constrict around everyone besides our party, including the Chosen. They bash and restrain each enemy on the ground. Artrious launches two javelins, wounding the Red Wizard. “Watch this, my fellows,” Quinley gleefully yells. He skillfully weaves between the tentacle, lands a hard hit on the Helmed Horror, and leaps back out of the fray.

Meanwhile, I eliminated the threat from the The Red Wizard, by firing an arrow into his side. The only item he left behind was a glyph key.

The continued chaotic thrashing of the tentacles pulverized and slayed the two apprentices and the Chosen. The Helmed Horror manages to escape the tentacles, but its armor scatters as it is simultaneously bashed by a flying Whelm and magic missiles.

Our party disrupted the black runes before returning to the Seclusion Crypt.


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