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Lost Mines of Phandelver Week 2

Avoid the Redbrands!

The group made their glorious arrival in Phandalin carrying the cargo they were being paid to bring, as well as the cargo they had picked up from the goblin hideout in the caves.

Upon arrival in the town Sildar, who the group had also recovered from the goblin caves, took his leave to go rest in the local inn.

The first stop was the local trading post, where the majority of their cargo was to be dropped off. The trader was a relatively jovial fellow, who seemed genuinely excited about the work the Rockseekers were doing to rediscover the Lost Mine. His enthusiasm quickly disappeared when he was asked about how business was doing.

“Business has been awful of late. This group of ruffians, the Redbrands, if they’re not extorting you for protection money, they’re scaring away your customers. Bunch of savages they are. If you don’t want to run into them, you’d best avoid the Sleeping Giant Tap House”

The group still had some cargo that was meant for the Lionshield Coster, weapons, armor, and other adventuring supplies. Linene, the leader of this detachment of the Lionshields was extremely grateful for the assistance of the group, and offered whatever help she could give to them while they remained in town. She echoed the trader’s warnings about the Redbrands, including the instruction to avoid the Sleeping Giant Tap Room.

Of course, being warned away from the place by two different people meant that our heroes absolutely had to visit. Just outside the tap room, they were harassed by a group of four thuggish humans in ratty red clothing. Bingo, Redbrands.

Donk managed to put one to sleep before being stabbed in the gut by another. Garrety tried his best to fire shots into the melee while keeping his distance (and not hitting his compatriots). Reed made his way to the top of the bar in the tap room and fired spells from his “better” vantage point. Ayani did her best to keep everyone standing and to eliminate the threat the four Redbrands posed. Voljenog tried his best to bash every single one of them in the head, but eventually succumbed to their rapid and superlatively accurate blows.

Once the three Redbrands that were still in the land of the waking were dispatched of, the group took a moment to ensure that everyone was hearty enough and woke the sleeping Redbrand. Donk made sure to give him the extra surprise of an illusory dragon while Voljenog took the lead questioning him about the activities and organization of the Redbrands.

Their captive revealed a few secrets to them.

  • There is a tunnel in the woods that is a secret entrance to the Redbrand Hideout in a local manor.
  • The hideout is guarded by a “creepy eye monster that talks inside your head”
  • The Redbrands have four captives, two human women, a human boy, and a dwarf.
  • The Redbrands’ leader is called Glasstaff, and he has been hired by the Black Spider to make trouble in town.

The group decided to sit and recover fully before advancing on the Redbrand hideout. They took their captive to the Townmaster, who did not seem too keen on holding him in a cell for very long.


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